1) All registrants who are qualified to use the union hiring hall and are not working at the calling and are available for work shall be listed on the hiring hall list in the order in which they signed the list. The hiring hall list shall be updated each month and available for review by registrants. Registrants may only sign at one of the following locations at a time: Tacoma, Port Angeles, Silverdale, Tumwater, Aberdeen. Those persons who wish to transfer their registration from one location to another will register at the bottom of the new registration list they qualify for. However, any person registered may be requested according to the agreement.

2) Registrants shall check-in every calendar month. If a registrant does not check-in on the registration list they shall be dropped to the bottom of the registration list for the following month. If a registrant fails to check-in for two months they shall be stricken from the registration list. If the end of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, registrants shall have one additional day to check-in. Check-in may be made by telephone or in person and is only valid if phone number and place on list is verified.

3) Referrals must be accepted by registrants. Referrals will be made by telephone. It is the responsibility of the registrant to keep their telephone number current for contact and referral purposes.

4) It shall be the sole responsibility of the registrant to inform the Union Hall when the registrant is out of work and to appear in person to check their qualifications.

5) The dispatcher will call from the registration list in the order the names appear unless special qualifications are requested or pursuant to the applicable Contracts. In the event special qualifications are requested the dispatcher shall call those on the list who have me the qualification in the order in which the names appear.

6) When possible, all referrals shall be made between the hours of 5:00 a.m., and 5:00 p.m.

7) In the event the registrant:

     a) Does not answer

     b) Is not home or their phone is disconnected

     c) Refuses job

     d) Is not qualified

The dispatcher shall go on to the next name on the registration list.

8) Registrants who are referred shall receive a referral slip from the hiring hall. In the event time does not allow for referral slip to be picked up at time of dispatch it will be available at the hiring hall and may be faxed or emailed to the employer. Registrants failing to report for work after accepting a referral shall be stricken from the out-of-work list.

9) Registrants who are dispatched and work 5 days or less (short call) shall maintain their position on the out of work list and will be eligible for one more dispatch at which time they will be removed from the out of work list.

10) All registrants attending the Laborers Training School shall not be stricken from the registration list for that reason.

11) Registrants shall be stricken to the bottom of the registration list when they refuse two (2) referrals provided they are qualified for the job. No registrants shall be stricken for this reason without being warned of the consequences of a refusal. Persons who become injured or ill after registering may be required to obtain a certificate of disability. Persons who have been disabled must provide a full medical release to be eligible for dispatch. No disabled person will be retained on the list longer than two (2) months.