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Tell them to please support H.R. 6800, and the GROW Act.

H.R. 6800, THE HEALTH AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY OMNIBUS EMERGENCY SOLUTIONS (HEROES) ACT will provide critical and necessary investments into the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 economic and public health crisis.

This pandemic requires massive and forward-leaning policies and investments that address the emergency needs and resources that are necessary to rebuild our economy, our country, and the shattered lives of families everywhere. This extraordinary piece of legislation does just that.

It also includes the GROW Act which will provide a useful tool and possible option for defined benefit multi-employer pension funds. This will allow these funds to transition to a “composite plan,” if and when trustees deem necessary to protect and ensure the retirement security of their participants, retirees, and beneficiaries.

Congressman Derek Kilmer – CD 6

Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrirer – CD 8

Congressman Adam Smith – CD 9

Congressman Denny Heck – CD 10