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Apprenticeship Program

To join our apprenticeship program, you must go through our apprentice orientation. Please come into our office in person to find out when the next orientation will be, as well as the requirements for attending the orientation.

The minimum requirements are the following:

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Bring your valid driver’s license

  • Bring proof that you have completed at least the tenth grade of high school

Please complete the Local 252 Apprenticeship Orientation Waiting List form that can be found here. This will put you on the waiting list to be notified of openings and our next orientation.

The orientation will take a few hours and the orientation starts in our Hall. If you have experience as a laborer, bring proof of that, such as pay stubs or W-2’s.

The apprenticeship coordinator will go over all aspects of our Union at the orientation, including pay, benefits, work outlook, etc. If you have questions, call the Hall at 253-383-1493.

You can learn more about our regional training center and its benefits here: WWW.NWLETT.ORG

Partner with us

Thousands of contractors partner with LiUNA because projects get built at a higher success rate when using a highly skilled labor force.

Contractors can count on LiUNA members to complete the job on time and under budget because LiUNA workers receive specialized training in the building and construction industry.

We have helped public entities and Fortune 500 companies develop easy-to-use contract procurement methods that award points for training, safety, past performance, regulatory compliance, and other quality-related issues.

We work with signatory contractors and key industry groups to promote and enforce the fair contracting laws that help protect responsible contractors, construction users, and taxpayers.

Contact us if you wish to learn how you can profit by using the world’s best trained, safest, and most productive workers.

In addition to highly skilled workers, Laborers Local 252 can be your gateway to millions of dollars worth of bid opportunities. To learn more about this opportunity, call our office or visit www.nwlett.org to learn more.



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Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

Assistant Business Manager/Agent


Nick Padilla

Olympia/Aberdeen Agent

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Port Angeles/Silverdale Agent

Chuck Moe

Pierce County Agent

Cody Andrews

Tacoma Area Agent

Anthony Johnson

Shipyards and Stationary Units

John Adams

Political Director and Community Liaison

Nathe Lawver


Seani Fitzpatrick

Daniel Ostertag

Christina Riley